Specific Health

Fusion Astra 8 120 tabs

Contains eight Chinese herbs, which have been used for centuries to strengthen immune function, assist recovery during convalescence and promote good health.


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Fusion Hair Tonic 120 v/caps

Fusion Health Hair Tonic contains Phytofol®, a modern extract of an ancient Chinese herb, Fallopia multiflora. Research shows that this herb may promote normal regeneration of resting hair follicles.


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Fusion Sinusitis 60 caps

Fusion® Health Sinusitis contains herbs traditionally used to address acute and chronic sinusitis and relieve the associated nasal congestion, sinus pain, headache, runny nose and inflammation.


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Herbs of Gold Glucosamine MAX 180 tabs

A high-strength glucosamine supplement with cofactors and anti-inflammatory Ginger in a convenient one-a-day dose to help protect joint cartilage and maintain joint health.


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