Nori Seaweed is also known as Karengo in NZ. Of all the edible seaweeds it is perhaps the most well known, being of sushi fame! In Wales it is called laver, in South America, luche.  We call it Nori here because it is the most commonly used name for this species of seaweed. Nori is a red seaweed and of all the seaweeds it offers the most plant protein (up to 35%). Nori is an iodine rich food, and also offers Vitamin B12 which is hard to find in a plant based source – vegans and vegetarians take note! Nori has recently become a popular healthy seaweed snack in supermarket aisles and for good reason – it is brimming with nutrients and has amazing umami flavour. Nori seaweed has a texture similar to cellophane and is naturally a dark purple/browny colour. It has a light mushroom like flavour which can change to more of a mushroom flavour when roasted, or anchovy flavour when moist. Nori is a pantry staple and can be used in so many different ways!

For many years we harvested karengo here in NZ but due to the Kaikōura earthquake in 2016 the area where commercial harvest is allowed was closed to allow the seabed to recover. Until we are able to safely harvest NZ karengo, we are working with ethical harvesters of the same species overseas to ensure continued supply!

This Nori seaweed is wild harvested in South America by a women’s co-operative, naturally dried to preserve nutrients and tested for contaminants.

How to Use Nori Seaweed

Rather than buying processed sushi nori sheets, did you know you can eat raw Nori straight from the bag? We’d argue there is not a healthier snack around than raw seaweed as nature intended.  There is no need to rehydrate Nori seaweed.

If you roast* Nori, it will turn a greeny colour and take on a more nutty flavour.  Try Nori seaweed with eggs, salads, soup, pizza, pasta, stir-fries, seafood, vegetables, seafood, rice or with nuts and seeds. Use Nori seaweed in savoury baking, Mediterranean dishes or soups. Nori also pairs wonderfully with chocolate and ginger.

*Nori (or Karengo) has a delicate flavour and will burn under intense heat. Flavour can vary from ‘tea-like’ or ‘mushroomy’, to nutty (when roasted) to mild anchovy (when moist).

Nori seaweed offers an excellent source of iodine. In addition to iodine, Nori seaweed is a plant protein rich in Vitamin B12 and has a good balance of minerals, trace elements and fatty 3 acids.

Ingredients:  Nori seaweed (Porphyra columbina) 100%.

40 servings per pack


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